Thursday, May 20, 2010


"Mokosh is a small business located in Fremantle, Western Australia. The business arose out of a desire to make skin products from pure, ethically sourced ingredients that are strictly free of potentially harmful additives found in many mainstream products. We choose Fair Trade, organically grown ingredients as far as possible. We do not add preservatives of any description, nor do we use artificial colours, fragrances or thickeners. We avoid palm oil in our soaps and other products for environmental reasons, and use recyclable packaging."

Mokosh avoids palm oil, preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colours and harmful additives. "Mokosh aims to deliver products that sustain the earth without damaging it, nourish and protect the user without causing harm, and do what we can to help the world’s poorest communities step out of poverty without exploitation."

Oh, Mokosh, how you tempt me with your reasonable prices and ethical-ness! Nevertheless, i need more money in order to try you! I think I'm going to need a higher skin care/makeup budget to keep this blog up!

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